Talent is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises, people-oriented, with Germany as the first. Meritocracy, the long-term employment has always been the concept of employment in the country and Kang Hong, people-oriented is a healthy commitment to health. Since its inception, the company has attracted a large number of technical, management, marketing, finance and other types of personnel. This is our most precious asset and the cornerstone of the company's continued rapid growth. As a member of the company, I hope all of you and your family can treat customers and colleagues in good faith, conscientiously fulfill their job responsibilities, strive for progress, and contribute their own strength to the development of the company with excellent professional skills.
Talent is the fundamental business development! Since the establishment of the company, Zhongjian Group has always pursued the people-oriented business philosophy of development, enterprises strive to create a fair, harmonious and broad working environment for employees, so that each employee to meet the needs of survival, based on the further realization of personal value, at the same time reach Business objectives.
At present, the company will be a clear talent development strategy, excellent environment for talent growth, a vast career development space, effective incentive mechanism makes the health Guokang talents to grow up fertile ground. With all the family's hard work, we will have a bright future!
Kin Kin staff training:
Self-esteem self-confidence and self-improvement
2. Punctual and trustworthy order and efficient unity
Only a perfect team, there is no perfect individual
4. Learn first, master the professional knowledge, in this world, the most terrible thing is more powerful than you are still learning
In today's society, do not go back and back, have a strong sense of crisis
6. Responsibility is not a burden that others impose on us, but a positive choice for us to dare to challenge ourselves
7 first handle the mood, then deal with things
Sprint from the very beginning
9. Right the first time right
10. Every minute, do the most productive things
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